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Window Cleaning Info

Window Cleaning Info

Here at Universal City window cleaning & window washing service located in Universal City, we focus on quality work and performance.We believe the reason our clients come to us and keep coming back is because of the value and the quality of the work they receive. I mean, lets face it, we know why our clients choose Pressure Washing Universal City window cleaning and window washing service. Pressure Washing Universal City. We have considerable experience since we have been in the window cleaning and window washing industry for many, many years.We have heard from our clients about how they had bad experiences with fly by night companies. Our experience guides us to realize that it does not make sense for a company to use only one or two window washers or window cleaners when cleaning a two story large square footage home with many of windows and screens for several reasons.
Number 1: Residential window cleaning and window washing is a lot different than commercial window cleaning and window washing due to the detail required. This means that for a single worker, a large square footage house is simply too expansive to be done properly in a reasonable amount of time. In such a situation a job will either be half done, or that the quality of work will suffer greatly, not to mention the fact that there runs a very real risk of damage to the homeowner's property. Think about it. It makes much more sense to use a professional company with a well trained crew. The number two reason and foremost is insurance. Remember, when a window cleaning and window washing service company is telling you they have 2 million in liability insurance that is only covering the business owner, it does not insure the company's technicians and employees. The employee’s themselves must have workman’s compensation insurance or

 they are not insured. We at Pressure Washing Universal City are proud of what we do and we take responsibility by having thorough insurance coverage. Our A+ credit standing with the Better